Art Direction

Our lofty goal as a company is to have an art direction that is ever changing.  Fashion and design trends are coming as fast as they are going and we strive to come up with simple solutions to design via art.  Our first line has all the elements of paint, splatter, drips, etc.  Call it played, call it what you will but unlike many of our predecessors we have and will keep true to our art direction.  Art styles and processes inspire everything we do in our design and it carries over to fashion.  It is also our intention as an art driven company to release Artist Series hats and to have as many people as possible submit the art that they make.  Check out our art gallery by clickity clicking this sentence.

End of the day our art direction is only a compliment to the quality of our products, from some of the best urethan world-wide, to cut and sew garments Street Artist Urethane is the future.